Wedding Services

Experienced and seasoned professional wedding videographers brings much more to your wedding day video than just a high-quality record of the wedding day. Our shooting style captures candid moments that would otherwise be missed. The ceremony is taped completely without interruption. The sounds of the ceremony, including those all important vows and wedding ring exchange are heard clearly. The musicians and singers are recorded beautifully and creativity in post-production adding/editing rounds out the ceremony coverage.

Contact us for complete wedding and reception coverage including a pre-wedding day opening segment, behind-the-scenes activities, the wedding ceremony, the reception and post-production finishing and editing.

Wedding Packages

There is so much more to say about wedding videography, the list is almost endless. The best advice we can offer couples is to call us and to view our work online. A picture is worth a thousand words, and until you have experienced what a professionally-made video can do for your wedding, you won’t know what you’re missing . . . until your wedding day is past and all that remains are your memories.